You Asked For It – McCall’s Patterns on Sale for Just $1.99 at Joann this Weekend!

To the nice lady in the pretty blue blouse, the answer is, “Now! McCall’s patterns are on sale at Joann for $1.99 RIGHT NOW!”

Ah, the Good Ol’ Days

I remember when the regular price on all patterns was $.99. I also remember payphones, black and white TV and rollerskates with keys so yeah, I’m old. And somebody once said, “With age comes wisdom” so by now I’m wise enough to know that when I see a sale like this I need to jump on it with both feet!

The regular price on McCall’s patterns (or Simplicity, or Vogue, or Butterick) these days is well into the double digits. I’ve seen patterns priced at $24.95! For the price of the pattern you could go out and buy that blouse or skirt ready-made!

It’s Real – It’s In The Ad

I don’t know why TPTB at Joann don’t shout about these pattern sales from the rooftops but they always seem to bury it inside a tiny little box somewhere near the back of the ad.

Sale Dates and Details

The McCall’s pattern sale runs through Monday, May 13 so stop in the store and browse that new Spring McCall’s catalog. All McCall’s patterns are included in the sale. At $1.99 you can afford to pick up a whole boatload and still have money left over for some new skates!

Donna Anderson

I loved my time working behind the cutting counter at Joann Fabrics but I love shopping at Joann Fabrics even more! What are you making today?

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