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The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men Often Go Awry

I’m not normally one for chatting about my personal life. Especially on a blog. Especially on this blog because this blog is supposed to be about JOANN and all the fun stuff I find in the store.

But it’s been, what? Like 3 weeks… or maybe more… since I’ve shared, well, anything, here on this blog. At first it was just a matter of life getting in the way but now I feel like a deer in the headlights. Frozen. I gotta get moving again so here it is. Feels like I’m starting all over again.

I’ll start with the ‘Bad News’ first

Over the last 3+ weeks I’ve:

  • been without Internet for 5 or 6 days, requiring me to spend 4 hours on the phone with Spectrum and an entire morning waiting for their tech to show up, and 2 full days catching up on my other website.
  • been without an oven/stove for 14 days, requiring me to come up with some way to feed everyone breakfast, lunch and dinner that doesn’t involve cooking or fast food and spend 2 mornings waiting for a new stove to be delivered and hooked up.
  • been having a final showdown with Uncle Sam that started in 2017, requiring me to spend approximately 6 hours on the phone – so far.
  • been battling a toothache that feels like someone is driving railroad spikes in my mouth, requiring two trips to the dentist’s office and the offensive tooth is still in my mouth!
  • been working around 40 hours a week at my ‘part-time’ job at Joann, requiring me to sleep when I get home instead of hitting the sewing table.

The ‘Good News’ Is…

  • We have Internet!
  • We have a brand new stove!
  • Uncle Sam has finally agreed that he owes me money!
  • The tooth will be gone on June 30!


I’ve been promoted to Full-Time Key Holder at Joann! And I got a raise! Which means I’ll have even more money to spend on…


I’m having a great day, today, and I hope you are, too. Stay tuned and make sure you’re following my page on Facebook! I’m getting ready to release my first free pattern!

Donna Anderson

I loved my time working behind the cutting counter at Joann Fabrics but I love shopping at Joann Fabrics even more! What are you making today?

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