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Quit Wasting that 50% Off Coupon – Use it to Fuel Your Creativity!

Just yesterday I had another customer ask me if I could mark her fabric UP, to the regular price instead of the 40% off sale price, so she could use her 50% off coupon. Why? Don’t waste it on something that’s already on sale!

Do The Math

Look. If the regular price for a yard of fabric is $6.99 and it’s on sale for 40% off, then the sale price is only $4.19 per yard – a savings of $2.80 per yard. If you could use that 50% off coupon instead then the price would be $3.50 per yard – and additional savings of $.69 per yard.

Sure, that $.69 makes a huge difference if you’re buying 20 yards of fabric. You could save $13.80 if it wasn’t on sale and you could use your 50% off coupon. But if you’re only buying 2 or 3 yards, we’re talking about a difference of a couple of bucks. Why waste that tasty coupon just to save $2.10?

Everything in Every Aisle Is Not On Sale

You will never walk into a Joann Fabrics store and see a sign that says, “Everything in the store is 40% off today!” You won’t even see a sign that says everything in the paper crafting department is on sale, or everything in the entire needle crafting department is on sale or all the fabric is on sale.

There is always something that is not on sale in every department and chances are you’re going to remember you need it or want it after the coupon expires.

Use It For Staples

The Powers That Be at Joann Fabrics know that if you’re going to continue creating you’re going to need quality tools so they give you that 50% off coupon so you can use it on things that really matter to your craft.

No matter what type of crafting you do there are certain staples you need to have in your cabinet. If you sew you always need sharp scissors. If you quilt you also need a cutting mat and rotary cutter. If you make jewelry you need pliers and a crimping tool.

Why quibble over a couple of dollars? Use that coupon to replace or upgrade the expensive tools you use every day. The basic tools you need for your craft, like pliers and scissors and cutting mats, are often the most expensive element because they’re made to be used over and over again.

Use It to Fuel Your Creativity

That 50% off coupon is a lure, but it’s not there just to get you to come into the store. TPTB at Joann know that as long as the price is reasonable you’re going to buy flannel and calico and fleece all day long. Or scrapbook paper or yarn or beads or whatever it is you need to create. That’s why these items are always on sale.

What they really want you to do is use that coupon to break out of that rut and fuel your creativity. Try something new!

If you always walk through the door and head directly for the cutting counter, try turning to the right the next time you visit. You don’t have to be an expert pastry chef to make a cute batch of cupcakes. And who knows? You might just become a ferocious cake decorator!

Or head to the back of the store and browse the fine art supplies. If you’ve always wanted to draw or paint there are some great video tutorials on Creativebug. You might be the next Picasso!

Did you know we have a whole aisle of nothing but t-shirts? And another aisle of stuff you can use to decorate t-shirts? And another couple of aisles dedicated to products you can use to make iron-ons for t-shirts? Heck, we even sell irons! So, yeah, t-shirt decorating is a thing and everybody loves t-shirts!

My point is: Inside every Joann Fabrics store there are so many exciting ways to unleash your creativity. Use that 50% off coupon to discover something new!

Donna Anderson

I loved my time working behind the cutting counter at Joann Fabrics but I love shopping at Joann Fabrics even more! What are you making today?

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  • c999xa31rus

    For fabric this store is expensive and never seems to have what I need. Not much of a selection. I do like the garden decorations and holiday items. They are often on sale. Scrapbooking items are decent when they are on sale or you have a coupon.

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