Meet One Of My Favorite Customers: Fashion Designer Voszi Douglas

I meet the most interesting people at the cutting counter. I thought you might find them interesting, too, so I thought I’d start featuring them here on the blog. First up: Fashion Designer, Voszi Douglas!

Who Is Voszi Douglas?

Voszi Douglas is a fashion designer who lives and creates right here in Columbus, Ohio. She has two clothing lines: Voszi Designs and the Alvoyce Collection, and she also designs jewelry and accessories. I’m sure she shops at lots of other fabric stores but she’s a frequent customer at the Joann store where I work.

Voszi has always been interested in fashion design but she didn’t start sewing until she was 25. For the past 36 years she’s previewed her collections at fashion shows in Columbus and Chicago.

What’s so unique about her designs is that she doesn’t use a pattern and her clothes have no zippers or buttons. Everything is unstructured, and a lot of her creations can be worn forward, backward, and sometimes upside-down or even inside-out.

I admire Voszi because she has the enviable ability to look at a fabric and visualize what she can create with it based on it’s color and pattern, it’s texture and drape. So many of us have piles of fabric stashed that we bought because we loved it but we still have no idea what to use it for!

Sometimes she even chooses a fabric because of how it looks on the back side, not the front. While most people would probably love to sit at her shoulder while she creates, I find it amazing to just watch her choose her fabrics!

The first time I met Voszi

The first time I met Voszi I noticed she was wearing this wonderful coat made out of upholstery fabric. It was the kind of coat I’ve always looked for but never been able to find ready-made. Even though it was made of a heavy fabric, it draped so beautifully and it flipped around when she moved. It was kinda like a swing coat only so much better because it was unique, it had pizzazz, it stood out in the crowd.

I like outfits that, when you walk in a room, you might like ’em, you might not like ’em, but you’re gonna notice them because they’re gonna be different.”

Voszi Douglas

At our very first ‘meeting’ Voszi stepped up to the counter and acted like she’d known me all my life. Even more surprising? She wanted my opinion on her fabric choice!

Holding up a bolt of home dec fabric, she said, “What do you think of this? I’m thinking about using this for a jacket.”

Now, at that point I hadn’t really given that much thought to our upholstery fabrics other than to picture what they might look like if I used them to make a purse. And in my brief experience behind the cutting counter, most of the customers who bought it were going to use it to cover bar stools, so no real imagination was required. But using upholstery fabric to make a jacket? Tell me more!

But that one experience with Voszi taught me to look at all of our fabrics, especially our home dec fabrics, in a whole new light. They’re not just for bar stools. If you can make it with cotton or fleece or a knit or faux fur, there’s an upholstery fabric that will make whatever you’re creating even more exciting.

Where to Find Voszi Douglas

You can find Voszi here on Facebook where she shows off her designs. You can read more about Voszi in this interview at Harlem Renaissance. And here she is in an interview with Columbus’ Broad and High Magazine show:

Donna Anderson

I loved my time working behind the cutting counter at Joann Fabrics but I love shopping at Joann Fabrics even more! What are you making today?

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