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Joann Coupons: How to Use That $5 of $35 Joann Coupon (or $15 off $75)

I get it. You’re confused because your total is $36.50 and the cashier won’t let you use that coupon. It’s happened to me, too, but it’s not the cashier’s fault. Here’s why you can’t use that $5 off $35 Joann coupon.

Please, Don’t Shoot The Messenger

First, it’s not the cashier’s fault. It’s not the store manager’s fault, either. They have absolutely no control over whether or not the checkout system accepts a coupon. It’s all computerized. (And no, there’s not some ‘glitch’ in the checkout system.)

It’s not the computer’s fault, either. Yes, it does ‘realize’ that the coupon says it’s valid on regular-priced and sale items.

It also has nothing to do with us trying to get more of your money. Coupon policies and sale prices are set by someone way up the corporate ladder. We lowly peons in the stores have nothing to do with it. Trust me, it’s much easier on us if you’re happy when you leave the store.

And no, we’re not just throwing around high-value coupons with secret restrictions so we can get you in the store. We – and that guy in the corporate office – really want you to be able to use that $5 off $35 coupon. Trust me again – that $35 is already accounted for somewhere.

Here’s the Reason You Can’t Use That $5 of $35 Joann Coupon

You can only use one coupon per item in your cart. So, let’s take a look at a couple of different scenarios:

Your total might be $35.27 but it has to be at least $35 before sales tax is applied.

Even if your total order comes to 1 million dollars, if you use that coupon for 20% off your entire purchase, you will not be able to use that $5 off $35 coupon because the checkout system has already applied the 20% off coupon to every item in your cart.

Let’s say your pre-tax total is $40. If one of the items in your cart is $15 and you used a 40% off coupon on that item, then that $9 is subtracted from your total because you’ve already used a coupon on that one item. That brings your pre-tax total down to just $31 – not enough to qualify for the $5 off $35 coupon.

Let’s say your pre-tax total is $45. If one of the items in your cart is $15 and it’s a Clearance item or a Doorbuster then your pre-tax total is only $30 – again, not enough to qualify for the $5 off $35 coupon.

Here’s How to Use That $5 of $35 Joann Coupon

Now that you know how the system works, how can you get around it? The key is to plan ahead.

Here’s how to do it:

Keep a running total in mind. No matter how much you spend, if your pre-tax total of qualifying items is even one penny short that coupon will be denied. Remember, qualifying items are regular- and sale-priced items that are not on clearance and are not doorbusters and have not already had a coupon applied to them.

Separate your items as you shop. Put Doorbusters and Clearance items on one side of your cart and don’t include them in your total. If you want to use a 20% off your total purchase coupon then purchase these items in a separate transaction.

Set aside regular-price items. If you’re buying regular-priced items and using 40, 50 or 60% off coupons, then do not include these items in your running total.

Know your coupons before you start shopping. Don’t wait until it’s your turn at checkout to start sorting out your coupons. That just wastes time and, in the end, you probably won’t save as much money as you would have if you’d planned ahead.

Do the math before you reach the checkout stand. Sometimes it’s a real head-scratcher: Will you save more money if you use the 20% off your total purchase coupon or the 50% off one regular price item coupon or the $5 off $35 coupon? Do the math before you even get in line. There’s a calculator on your cellphone!

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Donna Anderson 'works' at Joann Fabrics at 4600 W. Broad St. in Columbus, OH. Just look for the crazy old lady behind the cutting counter. As a kid, she ran with scissors and ate paste. She's since found safer, more creative ways to use her Fiskars and Mod Podge. Next time you're at the store, stop by the cutting counter and have a chat!

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