How to Save Money at Joann

How To Get The JOANN Ad In The Mail

Over the past week I’ve probably had at least a dozen people ask me what they need to do to get the JOANN ads delivered to their home.  You know, the actual paper ads that you can hold in your hand and tuck into your purse.  So here ya go….

How to Sign Up For Home Delivery JOANN Ads

STEP 1:  Just CLICK HERE and go to the ‘Sign Up And Save’ page on the JOANN website.  You do not have to have an account and you do not need to be logged in.

STEP 2:  Tick the boxes for Email, Text, and/or Mail.  If you only want to receive the physical coupons – not the daily text message coupons or the daily email alerts – then it’s OK to un-check the Email and Text boxes.  However, keep this in mind:  If there’s a 60% Off coupon in that mailer you receive chances are there’s also another one in the email and in the text message… and you can use all 3 of them in the same transaction!

(And don’t forget, you get even more coupons with the Joann App!)

STEP 3:  Click the ‘Continue’ button.  On the next page you’ll be asked ‘What sparks your creativity?”  You can answer if you like or you can click ‘Continue’ again.  Next you’ll be asked about your skill level.  Again, you can skip this if you like and just click ‘Submit’.

Voila!  JOANN puts out a new ad every other Thursday and they usually arrive in your mailbox on the Tuesday or Wednesday before the sale starts.


Donna Anderson

Donna Anderson 'works' at Joann Fabrics at 4600 W. Broad St. in Columbus, OH. Just look for the crazy old lady behind the cutting counter. As a kid, she ran with scissors and ate paste. She's since found safer, more creative ways to use her Fiskars and Mod Podge. Next time you're at the store, stop by the cutting counter and have a chat!

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