Happy Planner Experiment

Happy Planner Experiment: Two Weeks In And I Hit A Snag

Does my new Happy Planner really make me happy?  Kinda… but I’ve only had it for a month.  And two weeks into it I hit a major snag.  I made myself a new purse, a much smaller purse, and my Happy Planner was too big to fit inside.  As a result, I wasn’t using the planner consistently so whether or not it’s useful is still up in the air.

Let’s Take A Look At My Happy Planner

My original Happy Planner measures 9 3/4-inches high by 8 1/2-inches wide.  I chose this size because it had larger squares on the monthly calendar pages.  Plenty of room to jot down all my daily commitments.  I’m not just tracking my work schedule here.  Like you, I have a lot on my plate every day.

  • I own another website that needs daily maintenance
  • I now work 40+ hours a week at JOANN
  • I help chauffeur my two grandsons to school and after-school activities
  • I help with housework, cooking, cleaning, errands, and grocery shopping
  • I have this blog to maintain
  • I have bills to pay and a budget to monitor
  • I need my craft time every week!

So, I really liked the larger writing area but the darn thing won’t fit in my new purse!  Which means I can’t keep it with me at all times which means I haven’t been checking and updating it regularly which totally defeats the purpose of having a planner!

So Yesterday I Got A Smaller Planner

This new Mini Happy Planner measures 7 1/2-inches high by 5 1/2-inches wide.  It fits inside my new purse and, as a bonus, it’s a heck of a lot lighter than the larger one.  On the downside, though, the squares are smaller.

This smaller planner actually has a couple of useful features the larger one doesn’t have:

  • Pages for weekly meal planning, which is always a hassle in any busy household.
  • Pages for weekly things to do, like errands, shopping, bills, and calls or emails you need to schedule.

I Prefer the Mini Happy Planner For Everyday Use

Right now I’m thinking I like the Mini better than the larger planner.  It’s easier to keep close at hand, it weighs a lot less, and it doesn’t have all the extra journaling spots and pages that I’d never use anyway.  For now, it seems to have everything I need without all the fluff.

I’m going to keep the larger planner on my desk, though, and use it for my ‘desk stuff’, like working on this blog and maintaining my other website.  If you look at the picture of the smaller planner above you’ll see the word ‘blog’ in a couple of places.  That’s to remind me that I need to check the larger planner to see what I have planned for the blog that day.

And who knows, I might even use it to take a dip in the journaling pool to see what everybody’s talking about.

Donna Anderson

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