Fundraiser idea: Face Masks from Custom Fabric

Looking for a unique fundraiser for your team or organization?  I’m making face masks from custom fabric that I designed myself.  It was super easy and I think this would be a great fundraiser for all sorts of organizations.

How It All Started

Here’s my dilemma, which I’m sure is shared by many others:  How to get my self-conscious teenage grandsons to wear a face mask while out and about.  It can’t be ‘girly’ in any way.  It can’t be paper, or white, or boring, or juvenile, or stick out like a cone or scratch their face or…  There are so many things it ‘can’t be’ that there aren’t many things at all that it ‘can be.’  And then it hit me…

I’m the fundraising officer on the Board for our local BMX track, COBRA BMX.  A few nights ago we all had a Zoom meeting to discuss the COVID 19 recommendations for opening the season and of course masks were a big part of the discussion.

Now, if you’re not familiar with BMXers, we’re always looking for things to do to raise funds for track operations and maintenance.  It takes a good bit of money throughout the year and every penny counts.

BMXers also love anything with their home track logo on it.  They’ll often take a pass on food just so they can get that cool duffle bag with that says COBRA BMX.

So yesterday morning I was thinking about all of this mask stuff for the kids and wondering what kind of fabric I could use that would meet all of their requirements when it hit me – Why not order some custom made masks that have their track logo on them?  They’d wear those for sure!

It was a brilliant idea until I started pricing custom made masks.  Yikes!

And then I remembered…

And then I remembered Spoonflower.com, a company that allows you to design your own fabric.  And BOOM!  Here’s what I came up with:













It’s a little difficult to see in this image because I wanted to keep the print small so it would repeat multiple times, all over the mask.  Here’s the actual artwork I created:







The COBRA BMX logo was provided by the track, so yes, I have permission to use it.  TheHappyCouponer.com donated the money to cover the cost of the fabric in exchange for also having their logo on the masks, so when we sell the masks at the track all of the money will go directly to track operations.

Spoonflower has a variety of fabrics available, cottons, silkies, knits, and even fleece and minkies.  They have instructions on the site to walk you through the process and it did take me about an hour to get the right size print that I wanted.  I like that they show you the rulers on the side so you can see where your pattern will repeat.

How Much Money Will We Make?

I chose the 42″ wide Petal Signature Cotton, the least expensive on the site, and for a custom item I thought it was really reasonably priced.  Regular price is $18.50/yd but my final price was only $16.65.  Shipping for those 2 yards was only $4.00.

I’m estimating that I’ll get 22 – 24 masks out of each yard, so a total of 44 – 48 masks.  If we sell them for $5.00 each, which is an affordable price for our crowd, we’ll make around $230.00, more than enough for the walkie talkies we need so we can maintain social distancing for the track staff.   And even if our sponsor didn’t pay for the fabric we’d still make a very good profit.

On the downside, because they’re shorthanded right now due to the virus, it’s going to take 3 weeks, but that’s OK because we’re not opening until later in June so I’ll have plenty of time to whip up some masks.

So, everybody wins!  The kids will love the masks, our sponsor gets their name out there, and the track makes some money to buy new walkie talkies!  Yay!


Donna Anderson

I loved my time working behind the cutting counter at Joann Fabrics but I love shopping at Joann Fabrics even more! What are you making today?

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