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First 22 Done! What’s next on my project list?

I’ve finished my first 22 squares for the Caron Yarn Mystery Stitch Along and I’ve got 2 full days before the next clue is released. Now it’s time to tackle the mound of projects I have lined up on my desk!

Tackling the First 22 Squares

It’s been years since I crocheted a granny square but it only took me a few tries to master the pattern for this one. By the fourth square I had it down pat so I didn’t have to keep looking at the pattern.

Here’s what I really liked about this square: Maybe it’s because all the other times I’ve made granny squares they had color changes with each round but I never liked the idea of starting a row in the corner. It always seemed to make that corner weak, IMHO.

Mikey doesn’t do that. Each round ends after you turn the corner, so each new round starts one or two stitches into the side which eliminates any weak spots that can tend to make your ‘square’ look like a hexagon.

Once I figured out his little trick it was easy to crank out 22 squares in no time. I just turned on Netflix and got down to work. I wanted to get those 22 done with time to spare because I have other projects I want to get done before I go back to work on Wednesday.

What’s On My List of Things To Do?

First up is this bolero jacket for my daughter. I’m using Simplicity pattern #8462 and some pretty navy and white polka dot cotton shirting. She wants this jacket for Easter. Since there’s a definite ‘due date’ on this, it’s first on my list.

Next comes bow ties for my grandsons, also for Easter, and I’m making them out of this pretty Spring plaid from the Easter collection. I don’t need a pattern for this one because I found a Creativebug video that shows you how to make bow ties – without a pattern.

After that, I’m not sure what I’ll do next. I have a fun project in mind. I want to make a simple zipper bag out of this M & Ms bag and Pellon Fusible Vinyl. If that works, I have something else I’m going to try that might just revolutionize the world of sewing! (Just kidding – but if it works it’s going to be a lot of fun!)

I’ve also had these Gummy Bear molds for a couple of months and haven’t made any yet, and I need to whip up a new Spring purse or tote bag. Oh, and I want to make an apron to use for my foodcrafting classes.

And I need to make a couple of YouTube videos – one to show you how to make modeling chocolate out of Wilton Candy Melts and one to show you some simple techniques for icing and decorating a cake.

Oh! And I want to make these pants for myself. I totally forgot about that one! I’ll be using one of our new lightweight denims for this project… when I finally get to it.

OMG! It looks like so much when I put it down in black and white! I think I just freaked myself out!!

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