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Exciting, New Cake Decorating Classes – Unleash the Beast!

Tired of those boring ol’ ‘learn to decorate‘ classes Joann has had on the roster? Trust me – I feel your pain! So I’ve created 3 of my own exciting, new cake decorating classes. It’s time to release the Kraken, folks!

You’re Really Going To Learn Something!

I’m really excited about this. I’ve set up 3 new cake decorating classes and I do mean CAKE and DECORATING. We’re not messing around with cupcakes and cookies any more. I’m going to teach you how to decorate a freakin’ CAKE!

3 New Classes – Take 1 or Take ’em all!

Class #1 will teach you how to ice a cake and how decorate it with flowers. Yes – you’re going to learn how to make some flowers. Something you’ve all been asking for. This class is scheduled for Saturday, Jun 15 from 4:30 to 7:40 pm.

Class #2 will teach you how to make those popular drip cakes you see all over Pinterest. Once you learn this technique you can decorate a cake for any occasion. The sky’s the limit. This class is scheduled for Saturday, June 29 from 2:00 to 5:00 pm.

And Class #3? Well, let’s just say it involves fondant and…. Unicorns! This class is scheduled for Saturday, July 6 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.

Why No Pictures?

I’m not showing you any pictures yet because I want you to come to my own personal Open House this Saturday, May 18, at Joann on W. Broad St. These classes are not going to be available at any other Joann location and I’m setting up an awesome display of cakes and cupcakes so you can see just how fun these classes are going to be.

So here’s the only picture I’m going to show you … for now.

Donna Anderson

I loved my time working behind the cutting counter at Joann Fabrics but I love shopping at Joann Fabrics even more! What are you making today?

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