Christmas 2019 Decorating Trend: Bicycle Wheel Wreaths

I have two grandsons who race BMX bikes and we have spare bike parts all over the place. So, when a friend of mine said that bicycle wheels were going to be all the rage for Christmas decorating this year I thought, “Cool! Now, that’s a trend I could really take for a spin!” (I know, but I’ve only had one cup of coffee so far.)

Seriously, though, yes, bicycle wheel decor for Christmas 2019 is a thing. Last year it was rusty red pickup trucks, wagon wheels, red-and-black buffalo checks and a sprinkling of gnomes for good measure.

This year, according to my friend who went to the Atlanta Gift Mart last week, it’s going to be bicycle wheels, lots of black and white, a few trucks, and more gnomes than you can shake a stick at. Next year? Who knows. Maybe truck tires?

I kinda didn’t believe her. I mean, seriously, if you saw the condition of some of the bike wheels in our garage you’d never imagine they could be used for anything other than scrap metal. But that’s how crafty people roll, ya know? They have that “Trash to Treasure” mentality, God bless their little pea-pickin’ hearts.

(hahaaa! My daughter just walked by and when I told her about the new bicycle wheel trend she said, “Bicycle wheels? Ooohhhh, we have a lot of those!)

So, last night I was stocking Floral. The new Fall flowers are coming in and we have to get them out for sale. Well, one of the first boxes I opened was filled with… Fall wreaths made out of bicycle wheels!

Bicycle Wheel Wreath at Joann

So yeah, it’s real. And, not only are they real, they’re actually kinda pretty. So, you know me… I had to make a Pinterest Board to share ideas with you!

Donna Anderson

Donna Anderson 'works' at Joann Fabrics at 4600 W. Broad St. in Columbus, OH. Just look for the crazy old lady behind the cutting counter. As a kid, she ran with scissors and ate paste. She's since found safer, more creative ways to use her Fiskars and Mod Podge. Next time you're at the store, stop by the cutting counter and have a chat!

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