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Caron Stitch Along Update: Choosing the yarn colors

There are three different yarn combinations you can choose from to solve the mystery in the Caron Stitch Along, and it only takes 4 skeins of yarn!

Here’s the supply list

The first time I read the supply list I just saw 12 different balls of yarn. Then I was talking to Jacqueline, the crochet instructor at my store, and told her how much yarn we needed for this stitch along and she said, “That seems like an awful lot of yarn, but maybe…”

So then last night while I was crocheting my first batch of squares I looked a little closer and there it is, in big bold print: There are 3 different versions you can choose from and each one only uses 4 skeins of yarn!

So far I’ve only purchased one skein of yarn. I just picked up the Sky Blue because that’s the color Mikey mentions in the first video. Knowing what I know now, though, I’m actually glad that’s the color I chose. I did the research on all the other colors and Version 1 is the combo I like best.

Three Different Color Schemes

Version 1 uses Caron One Pound yarn in these colors: Clear Blue Skies, Light Violet, Grassy Meadow, and Sea Spray.

Version 1 colors

Version 2 uses Off White, Medium Gray Mix, Forest Green, and Peacock Variegated.

Version 2 colors

And Version 3 uses Soft Sage, Purple, Grass Green, and Sunflower.

Version 3 colors

Substitutions Allowed

I think I remember Mikey saying something about using different colors if you’re not crazy about any of these versions or if you can’t find them in the store. Keep in mind, though, that we don’t know what the final design is going to look like. To be on the safe side I’d make sure you have some shade of green in the mix. After all, we do know that this is a Spring blanket we’re working on and he does have a green in all 3 versions.

Donna Anderson

I loved my time working behind the cutting counter at Joann Fabrics but I love shopping at Joann Fabrics even more! What are you making today?

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