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Block of the Day: Card Trick Quilt Block Missouri Star Quilt Company

This Card Trick quilt block was so much fun I think I’m going to make a whole quilt with it!  I’ve seen it made with half square triangles but I followed Jenny Doan again on this one and used a 9-patch layout.  I’ll add the video down below but first…  Look at those colors!

The History of the Card Trick Quilt Block

card trick quilt block

Although this falls into the ‘traditional quilt block’ category, your grandmother probably didn’t make the card trick block.  According to a post at Zarkadia Quilting Co., this block was originally created in the 1970s.  Here’s a quote from their source, “BARBARA BRACKMAN’S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PIECED QUILT PATTERNS”.

“Jeff Gutcheon did design the card trick block back in the 70’s. He and Beth (who also wrote The Perfect patchwork Primer, and is now a distinguished and successful fiction writer) were WAY ahead of their time. Their Quilt Design Workbook was by far the most innovative and influential book on contemporary quilting. Things like chain piecing, and new designs such as card trick and many other features were considered great leaps of quilting in a day where all you could find were ditsy calicos.”

It’s not as complicated as it looks!

Like I said, a lot of the tutorials I saw for this block involved half square triangles.  Now, I do like to make HSTs and I do enjoy the challenge of working with them.  However, Occam’s Razor tells us that the simplest solution is usually the preferred solution so I went with Jenny Doan’s tutorial.  She uses charm packs – and we all know how much I love charm packs! – and just cuts them into squares and triangles.  Then she just makes a basic 9-patch block without all the fuss of HSTs.

It’s a nice big block, too, measuring in at 12 1/2 inches.  If you snowball the corners you’ll also have a nice little secondary 4-patch block pop up when you sew everything together.

Tips for the Card Trick Block

My best tip for this Card Trick block is one of the tips I offered up for the 4-Patch Star block:  Look ahead to the next step.  Before you sew down that next piece make sure everything is lining up the way you want it to.

Donna Anderson

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