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Block of the Day: 4-Patch Star from Missouri Star Quilt Company

Today’s Block of the Day is the 4-patch star.  It’s a common, traditional pattern but I just happened to trip over the Missouri Star video so that’s who I’m tipping my hat to.  I’m definitely adding this to my list of Favorite Quilt Blocks EVER!

Why I Love This 4-Patch Star Block


It’s Scrappy!

I’m still learning how to combine different colors and different prints to make a quilt really pop.  So, for me, this block is ideal because ‘scrappy’ works perfectly for those 4-patches.  Plus, I just really like the look of scrappy quilts, they always make me smile.  My office/sewing room is a rainbow of colors and prints.  Nothing ‘matches’ or ‘coordinates’, it’s just a big, tumbling jumble and I love it!

It’s Challenging!

Look at all of those seams you have to line up.  Look at those points.  This block was intimidating and a good one to make if you want to push yourself.  I have to admit I used my handy-dandy seam ripper a few times on this block, but that’s why we have seam rippers, right?  We’re not only supposed to used them, we’re allowed to use them, as often as necessary.  I know everybody says, “Better finished than perfect” but I wanted those points and I wanted those seams to line up so yes, I used my seam ripper an I loved every minute of this challenge.

It’s a Big Block!

This 4-patch star block measures out at 16 inches, which means you’d only need to make 20 for a good size quilt.  Once you get in the groove it’s a quick block, too.  You could potentially make a quilt in a day with this one.  (Or maybe a weekend?)

Tips for this 4-Patch Star Block

For this block, Jenny Doan uses layer cakes, but I think the main reason she did is for the HSTs.  She gets all 8 from one 10″ square of her print and one 10″ square of background.  There aren’t a lot of different square sizes here so you could easily use charm packs for the little 4-patches, like I did, and cut the 10″ square for the legs from yardage.

Square up your triangles!  I’ve seen people on Facebook say, “Well, I cut accurately and I have a perfect 1/4-inch seam so I never have to square up your triangles.”  Well, bully for you, but I call B.S.  Once I started squaring up my triangles my points and seams started lining up so I’mma say, “Square ’em up!”

Watch the measurements on your center 4-patches. There are 16 little 2 1/2″ squares in the center of this star.  If you’re measurements are off even a hair on some of those squares it will throw off the whole center of the star and nothing will line up.

Look Ahead To The Next Step

It wasn’t until after I’d finished this block and moved on to another that I realized this:  Stop and look at the seam you just sewed before you move on to the next.  Is everything lined up the way it’s supposed to be?  When you add that next piece is IT going to line up?  If not…Let ‘er Rip, Tater Chip!  It’s time to use that seam ripper!

Donna Anderson

I loved my time working behind the cutting counter at Joann Fabrics but I love shopping at Joann Fabrics even more! What are you making today?

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