Blizzard Fleece: It’s Not Just for Blankets

Today’s Joann email announces the special sale price of just $3.99 a yard for Blizzard Fleece. Anticipating the crowd of no-sew blanket makers gathering around the cutting counter tonight I began to wonder,

$3.99 is an awesome price for this stuff. Why aren’t people taking advantage of this to make something other than no-sew blankets? Could it be that they don’t realize Blizzard fleece can be used to make all sorts of things? Perhaps I should tell them!

Yes. Yes, I do frequently have conversations just like this with myself. I sometimes like to imagine I’m Carrie Bradshaw. (I also use a British accent when I talk to myself!)

What else can you make from Blizzard Fleece?

When any of your other favorite fabrics are on sale you probably already have a whole list of projects lined up. But when it comes to fleece, all anyone can think of is no-sew blankets. The simple fact that we all shop at Joann suggests that there’s a bit of creative genius in all of us. Shouldn’t we, then, be able to come up with more uses for Blizzard Fleece?

Let’s put aside obvious answers like ‘throws’ and ‘pillows’. Everyone knows a throw is just a smaller version of a blanket and everyone makes pillows out of leftover fleece. No news here, let’s move on…

A few months ago, when this blog was still a babe, I posted this bit about Jennifer Jangles and this fun scarf I made from one of her patterns. This scarf is made from Blizzard fleece.

And, just a couple of weeks ago I post a pic of this happy little Blizzard Fleece I picked up on sale. Here’s a better pic and the pattern I’m going to use to make a fun, comfy cardigan:

A Blizzard Fleece Pinterest Board Just For You!

In my quest for out-of-the-box uses for Blizzard fleece I started at the Project Ideas page at Joann.com. (You did know that was a thing, right?) And then, of course, my search led me to Pinterest because where else in the world would you go for creative inspiration?

So here’s another Pinterest board to spark your creativity. I found all kinds of things you can make from fleece. There’s even a fleece bow tie!

Ever wonder what’s the difference between Blizzard Fleece and Anti-Pill Fleece? I did, too. And here’s what I found out!

Donna Anderson

I loved my time working behind the cutting counter at Joann Fabrics but I love shopping at Joann Fabrics even more! What are you making today?

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